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August 27th, 2011 - Miracle on 3rd Ave By GP

I believe that I have experienced a miracle, let me share with you my story.

I was heading along the Alaskan Highway back towards Whitehorse, enjoying the roller coaster style road created by the frost heaves. Suddenly a pot hole the size of small car appeared in the road before me. I had no time to move out of the way and hit the pothole at full speed, hitting the pot hole with such force that it was only through the grace of God that I was able to keep the bike upright. I pulled over to the side of the highway to inspect the motorcycle. It was not leaking fluid, the tires were not flat, there was no visible damage, however, it now sounded like a Harley. I obviously damaged the exhaust, but other than minor exhaust damage the bike was still running perfectly. This friends, is not the miracle!

Once I got near a telephone I called Carter Motorsports in Vancouver and made a service appointment for Friday, I was then transferred to parts to see about tires. I needed new tires anyway; it was time for an oil change and now the exhaust. I spoke to a very helpful guy in parts and was able to secure me the tires I wanted and I asked him to also speak to Service to confirm that I would be changing tires on Friday as well.

Now, for us in North America I think we would all agree “service” is either lacking or non-existent in most businesses. It does not seem to matter if your drive a Honda, a Harley, a BMW, a Ford or Lexus. It does not seem to matter if you are staying in an expensive hotel or at the Super 8, fine dining or McDonalds, service in North America and in particular Canada leaves much to be desired.
I arrived at Carter Motorsports and was greeted by Sarah in service, who I must say, is very easy on the eyes. I introduced myself, explained that I had a 9am appointment and waited while she checked her computer. This is when the miracle occurred! The Parts department had spoken to the Service department! Service was aware of my issues, the tires were ready, the exhaust issue was documented and they were ready for me! Sarah began asking informed; intelligent questions about my issues so that she could get all the details that the technicians would require. Sarah had patience; I was getting service, being treated like a customer. Another service advisor, Miles, came by and introduced himself, just for the sake of being friendly. Wow, how often does that happen?
I was asked to come back in two hours while they worked on my bike. I explained to Sarah and Miles about my journey and asked for the bike to be given a full inspection. Two hours later I returned to the service department to find that the tires were already on, I needed new rear brakes and the parts were in stock but the gaskets needed for my exhaust were not in stock. Miles and Sarah were both working super hard to source these gaskets and we agreed that I would come back in the morning. Miles assured me they would find a solution.

Another miracle! When I returned in the morning not only was my motorcycle ready, in perfect running order, but there was Miles, washing my motorcycle. By the time Miles was done it looked as if it has been professionally detailed, I could have served a meal off the wheels, licked the engine without fear of getting sick. It felt great to be treated like a real customer and to have all of my issues resolved. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience at Carter Motorsports. I have decided to relax in Squamish BC for a couple of days while I plan my route through US towards Mexico.

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