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July 29th, 2011 - Memories of Labrador in ND By GP

I set out today with the intention of putting a lot of kilometers behind me. The ride through the remainder of Wisconsin and Minnesota was a scenic but uneventful ride, I stopped only for fuel and food. Passing through Superior and Fargo I encountered some traffic but not enough to slow me down or cause any real delays

The uneventful ride changed once I merged onto Interstate 94 in North Dakota. The wind hit me from south, pushing the bike across the road. Startled, I managed to keep the bike in the proper lane and continue safely. After all I had experience with this kind of wind, from my trip to Labrador. I thought to myself how easier this was compared to Labrador as it was warm and there was no rain. Dark clouds begin to roll in and a drop of rain hits my windshield, so much for being easier. This is a flat and desolate State and I don’t see a great place to pull off and put my rain gear on, finally a bridge appears off in the distance. It takes forever to get to the bridge and as I pull under it there is another motorcycle, also putting on rain gear. It’s an older couple on a Harley trike and they are listening to the weather forecast on XM Radio. “They are calling for Tornados and heavy rain” Great! I am stuck in the middle to the Midwestern plains and the weather is going to get even worse, unsafe for a motorcycle.

Rain gear on I head back out on the road, dark clouds roll in then roll out, rain comes and goes. Time to get a hotel, the next town is still about an hour away but I decide to call it a day at the first chance I get. That chance come in Bismarck ND with a Motel 6 sign, but no rooms, no rooms at the Comfort Inn either. The staff at the Comfort Inn call around but there are no rooms in Bismarck. Back out on the Interstate I try the next town, no luck. I finally end up a remote camp site on the edge of Roberston ND. No facilities and only one other camper. The sky is a bright red and my campfire is providing some warmth on this cool night. No ice for my Scotch but it still goes down nice and smooth.

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