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August 30th, 2011 - Last Night in Canada By GP

Tonight will be the last night that I spend in Canada for a long time. I will leave in the morning from Squamish BC and continue  south, until I reach Ushuaia, Argentina. My plan is to zip zag through the western United States until I reach Mexico. I don’t have a defined route, I use and the book “1000 Places to see before you Die” as my guides (and no I am not dying). As long as I am south of where I was the night before, I will eventually reach Ushuaia, Argentina.

I spent the last couple of days in Squamish British Columbia and did very little riding. I took the time to do some hiking around Shannon Falls, explored the town on foot, relaxed with a book around my campsite and ran a few last minute errands in Vancouver. I did some riding and the roads here, highway 99 is lots of fun, the Cassiar was a great road, just watch out for the bears!

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