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July 13th, 2011 - The Final Leg Home By GP

For the first time in the entire trip David had his bike packed and was ready to go before me. He was quite proud of himself. Little did we know this would serve as an omen for the rest of day.

First I should tell you a little about David.  David is in his later 50’s, has significant hearing loss, an allergy to eggs and loves to ride motorcycles. For the past 10 years David has ridden on Harley Davidson bikes and accepts the quirks. The bike he took on this trip was just purchased earlier this year.

David was leading the ride today. When David leads we follow his GPS, when I lead we follow a map.  Each day we end up exactly where we need to be but the route can vary. It was getting close to lunch time and our fuel was low when David’s GPS decides to take us on a wild ride in circles, turning for no reason only to end up exactly where we started. We eventually find fuel and close by, a restaurant overlooking a well maintained golf course.

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