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July 24th, 2011 - The Adventure Continues By GP

Toronto Ontario to Sault Saint Marie, Michigan – 704km

Looking in my mirror as I pulled away I could see four other motorcycles riding out with me and four people on the sidewalk waving goodbye. It was not how I imagined my departure. I had pictured myself riding away quietly into the sunrise, solo. This was one of those times when I unexpected was much better.

My daughter and friends had breakfast with me. Saying good bye is not easy but I felt very special hugging and shaking hands with my friends.  My daughter wants to meet me at Christmas time. I expect to be in Peru and will fly her down, I can’t wait.

My motorcycle friends were riding with me part of the way on my first day.  The “biker chick” (Ting) who I wrote about on May 8th was directly behind me, followed by Sean on his Kawasaki Vulcan, Jim then David both on the Harley’s.  Ting was the first to leave the group, I hate long goodbyes but the light changed red. Not much was said but it was a nice goodbye. Not one for long goodbyes either, Sean pulled past me about 30 minutes later, waving and wishing me luck before taking the off ramp. Jim and David continued on until Sudbury where we stopped for lunch.

I continued on to Sault Saint Marie, MI solo but not alone. I had the best wishes of friends with me. It has been many years since I have been on highway 17 from Sudbury to Sault Saint Marie and had forgotten how beautiful the scenery can be, ride it sometime.

Now I am relaxing with a class of Glenlivet and planning tomorrows ride west.

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